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ILGR Success Stories



In the fall of 2012, Jane stopped by Independent Living for assistance with a Pathstone housing application.   Jane mentioned that she and her daughter lived together and it was time that she lived on her own. Because Jane has a very aggressive lung disease, she’s not able to work and affording an apartment was her biggest concern.  With help, Jane completed the HUD application but was told of the very long waiting list for housing services by HUD representatives. Three weeks after submitting her HUD application, she was happy to receive a voucher for HUD and couldn’t believe how quickly it came, especially with such a long waiting list.

Things quickly fell into place for Jane. She secured an apartment and then received Social Security benefits after completing an application with ILGR staff.  Jane stated that with the help from ILGR, her life has made a 180 degree turn for the better.

But her successes didn’t stop there.  In the fall of 2013, Jane told her Independent Living Specialist that she wanted to be more independent and needed help getting her driver’s license.  With help, Jane purchased driving lessons through AAA and in July 2014, earned her driver’s license.






Ralph came to the agency four years ago seeking help applying for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. Unfortunately for Ralph, the Administration didn’t find in his favor.

Ralph has worked his entire life, has always been independent, and a contributing member of society. Now at age 55, Ralph is facing some health issues. He meets with a neurologist on a regular basis for a specific condition and because of a recent diagnosis, his hours at work have been cut because supervisors are concerned that Ralph is a liability.

Because his hours have been cut, Ralph returned to the agency last Fall looking for help applying for food stamps and heating assistance.  Ralph told his Independent Living Specialist that he can’t afford his bills and really doesn’t like asking for the assistance but needs some type of financial help.  With the help of ILGR, Ralph was able to get benefits that help to lighten his financial burden.  Ralph recently re-applied for Social Security, was awarded the benefits, and yet continues to work because he wants “to give back”.




An Independent
 Living Specialist met with Rosa, who has learning disabilities and a spinal cord injury. Rosa’s Medicaid was discontinued and she had been unable to understand the Department of Social Services decision.  Rosa had bronchitis for several days and even though her doctor gave her prescriptions (he does not dispense sample medications) she had no money to pay for them.  An Independent Living Specialist was able to contact Genesee Orleans Community Action and guided Rosa through the process of sending her prescriptions to the lowest priced pharmacy and having Community Action pay for her medication that day.  The Independent Living Specialist also communicated with Department of Social Services and helped Rosa understand that she had to provide copies of her pay stubs to them.  Rosa provided the necessary documents and her Medicaid was reinstated.






An Independent Living Specialist met with Alex who has a visual disability and schizophrenia.   Alex and his mentor came to ILGR in search of assistance with housing, employment, benefits advisement, debt relief and socialization.  Over the course of a few months,  Alex was able to obtain part-time employment, move into his own apartment, get his Department of Social Services benefits in place, resolve issues for debt relief and have greater socialization through his employment.


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